Table Relationship In SAP

Today I want to teach you how to find SAP table relationships, this is very useful for functional analyst to make a good program specification and also it can help ABAPer to look at the table relationships also.

The TCODE we’ll be using is SE11.

1. EXECUTE TCODE SE11 and enter the table name that you want to look at the relationship, in this tutorial I want to see table relationships between table EQUZ and ILOA, so I just type in the EQUZ table name and click on the display button.


2. Click on the “Graphic” button on the toolbar.


3. Next you will see the table relationship diagram, try to find the link between EQUZ table and the ILOA table and double click the link.


4. Now you can see that these two tables EQUZ and ILOA is linked by ILOAN key. It’s pretty handy right?