Partner Determination in SAP SD

In SAP all the entities who are involved in a business transaction are represented as partners. Ex :A carrier can be created as a partner on the sales order. This document describes the partner determination on the sales order. Partner function specifies the kind of the role the partner is playing in the document.

A partner can play many roles in a business transaction. Example is sold to party customer can act as a payer , bill to party and ship to party. To enable this the roles played by this partner (partner functions) should be assigned to the account group. In this case the account group for sold to party which is 0001 in the standard system is assigned to partner function BP, PY and SH.

Partner source specifies what is the source for the partner in the business transaction. The source for the ship to customer is sold to party. In a scenario where a carrier should be determined based on the ship to location, the source for the carrier is ship to party.

An user exit is also available to determine the partner. With this user exit, partner can be determined based on multiple criteria. To enable the user exit, origin field on the partner determination procedure should contain X,Y or Z. In the below screen shot, partner type ZP has Y in the origin field i.e. this partner is determined through the user exit. The following is the sample code for partner determination user exit.

The above code extracts the value assigned to the parameter ‘WRK’ from the user master (SU3).

Partners can present at the header level and item level. The kind of partners present at the header or item level are controlled by partner determination procedure. At header level a partner determination procedure is assigned to order type, and at item level is is assigned to item category.

Configuration of partner determination

Here we will discuss configuration of the partner determination for sales order header.

1. Create Partner determination procedure.

Create new partner determination procedure.

Path : IMG->Sales and distribution ? Basic functions ? partner determination ? Sales order header

In this case ZETA is the new partner determination procedure. Select ZETA and press partner functions in procedure.


Assign all the partners required in the sales order. Check the mandatory field if the partner is mandatory in the transaction.

2. Assign the partner determination procedure to sales order type.


In the same transaction (step 1), press partner determination procedure assignment. Assign the newly created partner determination procedure to the sales order type. In this example ZETA partner determination procedure is assigned to sales order type ZEQN.

IF a new partner function is required, navigate to the partner functions tab (left pane).

Create the new partner function on this screen, by pressing new entries. Add the new partner function to the partner determination procedure as described in step 2. When a new partner function is created, the account group which can act as this partner should be specified. To do this navigate to “Account Groups – Function Assignment.

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