How To create Top Level Info Area in SAP BW

Today you will learn how to create a Top Level Info Area in SAP Business Warehouse (BW).

InfoObjects, characteristics and key figures are the basic data model of SAP Business information warehouse, infoobjects are stored in folders, it also called the “InfoObject catalogs”, the infoobject catalogs are also stored in a folder called InfoAreas.

1. To create top level infoarea execute TCODE RSA14
2. Click on the “InfoObjects” Modeling. Right click on one of the InfoObjects listed, in this tutorial I will use “Unassigned Nodes” and click on “Create Info Area”.


3. Type in the InfoArea name and description.Press Enter.


4. Now you will see the the new info area below the “Unassigned Nodes”. NOw to make it as the top level info area, all you need to do is Drag & Drop the object above the Unassigned Nodes object.


5.Choose “Insert As Next Object”.


6. Now you will see the info area became a top level info area.