Create Physical Inventory Document

Create Physical inventory document is a process to create document for the physical inventory (Stock take) checking.

How to access physical inventory creation:

Using menu:
Logistic -> Material Management -> Physical Inventory -> Physical Inventory Document

Using TCODE:

The entry process to create Physical Inventory Document:

1. Plant: The plant where the stock checking is conducted.
2. Storage Location: Warehouse where the material is located.
3. Posting Block: The block utility so that the material can not be used for any transaction during the physical stock checking process.
4. Freeze book inventory: As a cut off for the stock checking. (The item that has the status “Freeze” still can be used for transaction)

Note: You can’t used both (posting block and freeze book inventory) at the same time.

Click enter to continue.


1. Select the material number.
2. Input the batch/lot number (this data will be automatically filled after you’ve selected the material number)

Click CTRL+S to save.

Now a new physical inventory document has been created successfully.